Types Of Commercial Security Camera Systems

Types Of Commercial Security Camera Systems

Although crime, especially violent crime, has been on a downward trend for over 10 years in New Zealand, and much of the civilized world, some of the crimes have become more brutal, while thefts and burglaries have become much more sophisticated. Due to all the technological advances of late, it has now become quite economical to install a closed-circuit TV monitoring system in your business. There are several different options that you need to be aware of when choosing your commercial security camera systems – base unit, wiring system, and other options, let us take a closer look at those now.

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First Decide Wired, Or Wireless Security Cameras.

In the past a wireless system would cost quite a bit more money than a wired system. The wired system had other advantages too. It was more reliable, easier to maintain, and the individual sensors much less expensive. Nowadays, however, the price of the wireless systems has dropped considerably, to now be on the level with a complete installation of the wired system. Keep in mind that the technicians who install the wired systems make quite a bit of money per hour during installation, and again for maintenance as well. A wireless security camera system (see here for more details) can nearly be installed completely by a handy do-it-yourself person, and yearly maintenance checks are a breeze to do. Since each sensor, camera, or detector, has its own wireless transmitter, no wires need to be run to the base unit, which is why it is so easy to install. With this type of system you can include motion detectors, carbon dioxide detector, smoke detector, and intruder switches at all the doors and windows at your location, in addition to your security cameras.


However, for larger installations such as a factory, warehouse or large office, installing a system yourself is not practical. For one thing it will take a long time but it also needs far more care and testing to make sure you are fully protected than a smaller system.


Get The Right Kind Of Commercial Security Camera Systems For Each Location.

Commercial security camera systems
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There are different kinds cameras that can be purchased and installed in many different kinds of locations. If you have a dark area, near your utility room, you would want to install the cameras that have the built-in infrared lights, many of which can be used as motion detectors as well. If actually lighting the area is of importance, there are also cameras that have built-in LED lighting that can be set to come on automatically when motion is detected or remain on permanently. In areas where there are deep shadows and bright lighting combined, there’s a type of camera called wide dynamic range surveillance cameras that should be able to see in areas of stark, strong contrast. In addition to that, many of these cameras are available in all-weather enclosures, they can be mounted outside to keep an eye on parking lots, waste disposal areas, and even the outside of your rear entrance. Any place that is subject to high humidity, dampness, dust, or extreme heat can make use of the weatherproof cameras that are made for exterior use.


Add Extra Sensors For Convenience And Security.

There are a wide variety of different sensors that can add more security to your system or just convenience for your business. There are under the mat sensors that can set off a tone each time a new client comes in through your front door, or if someone enters into your warehouse, when no one is looking. These under the mat sensors provide a dual-purpose, by alerting you to the presence of someone, while also alerting the possible intruder to the fact that he’s being watched and monitored electronically.


The Base Units Can Do A Variety Of Different Security Tasks.

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The modern wireless base units are multifunctional, and can be preset to call your cell phone when an intruder is detected at night, call an alarm company and play a pre-recorded message giving details of the problem. Many base units also have the ability to record hours of video from all the different cameras at your location, then relay all of that data to an online, secure location, or directly to your smart phone for you to examine anywhere in the world. There are even microphones and speakers that can be installed so you can possibly talk to someone directly from the base unit, to your smart phone anytime you please. Once your base unit is tied into all the different sensors, cameras, and has a battery backup, your business is virtually completely covered.


There are lots of different kinds of commercial security camera systems available. For small installations you can go to your local electronics store but for a bigger and more robust system then you are best advised to contact a specialist Auckland commercial security camera systems supplier such as Global Security. Many of the different modules are interchangeable and scalable, so that you can start small and expand out as you see fit. It’s important to take advantage of all the information you can find online, so that you can be up to date when you visit your local store and begin to purchase your system.


More details here www.globalsecurity.co.nz.

Benefits of Having a Home Security System

Benefits of Having a Home Security System

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People rely on technology in this day and age to easily manage their everyday living activities. This also gives them the leeway to work away from home if they want to take an extended trip somewhere. However, they do not have to worry about the safety of their house because they can rely on home security systems to monitor their home as well as their business.

By using online and wireless technologies, they can keep watch over their activities in their home and the business. This means they are able to note if the employees are working and if the kids are up to no good. All this is thanks to simple security options like a nanny cam that can in a hidden place or kept in plain sight.

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It is very easy for people to check in on their family to see if the children are misbehaving with the care-giver or if their employees are slacking. Both of these situations can give us peace of mind that we were not able to access until the recent past when these technologies became widely available at affordable prices.

Then again, we probably do not like invading other people’s privacy but there comes a time when such measures are a necessity. Such is the case when you are dealing with the safety and health of your children. Given the current prevalence of alcohol and drug abuse in teens, as a parent, you will not think twice about monitoring your kids’ activities if that will means the difference between life and death.

Parents today have to juggle between raising their children and taking care for their aging parents. With this in mind, that extra effort put into monitory the kids should also be directed towards their grandparents to ensure that they are also cared for and in their right state of health. It may be at their bedside or when out on the lawn, it is easy to watch over the elderly folk irrespective of where they wish to be at within the home.

All these go to show how home security system can become handy lifesavers for all family members.

The good thing is that home security cameras that can be fitted into any section of the home are available in the local stores. They make it easier for one to go about his or her daily chores and still keep an eye on the kids and their grandpa.

Home Security maintenance

Home security is not just about using the right tech-gadgets, but also giving the property the right presentation. Proper trims of shrubs, study windows and doors, well-lit grounds, and keeping all valuables far from open sight are just some of the things that will deter most burglars.

Installation of a home security will not only give a reassurance of security but all a means of knowing everything that go in within the home or business. The security level will only work if one knows how to effective use it hence the need to go for something you are familiar with.

Home security options offer various capabilities that can address different security and surveillance needs for the home or business place. A person can choose to get security system with sensors that alert them if appliances are switched on or if anyone enter or leaves the premises.

Modern home security systems are very flexible and with the use of Internet connectivity, the systems can be reset remotely. All it takes is a simple resetting of the systems to work even with the pet in the home. Just a bit of cash, a wise selection, and you can have home security system suited for your home or business needs.

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24 hour Home Security System Monitoring

Having said that it is easy for people to set up security systems in their home, the problem is monitoring the activity there. No-one wants to site in front of their computer screen for 24 hours a day.

So the answer is to hire a home security monitoring company. Global Security Systems in Auckland is one such company. They have round the clock staff that actively monitor your home security system for any break-ins or suspicious activity. They can then alert their own mobile call out patrols to check up for you.


A Security Alarm System in Action


A Security Alarm System in Action—How does Everything Works?

People want to protect their family, home and possessions. Protecting the family and home is something man has done since caveman times. These days, we are not too concerned about wild animals coming into our home. Our biggest threat today is from burglars and intruders. So people look for security alarm systems that will provide that protection.

Generally thieves or intruders will try to avoid being caught. They may be stupid but they are not intentionally so. As a result, they are more likely to break and enter a home or commercial building that does not have any obvious security devices. To do this, before any attempted break-in they usually survey the target homes or buildings to see if there are any alarms in place. So a good way to deter thieves is to install some form of crime prevention such as have highly visible alarms and other security devices.

Activating a security alarm

To activate your security alarm there are a few different technologies. These include:

  • A key pad with a secret code
  • A swipe card
  • Iris recognition
  • Fingerprint recognition

When you enter the premises you have a few seconds in which to disable the alarm. This is usually the missing part as far as the intruder is concerned. They do not know the code. As a result, if the alarm is not disabled, then the siren and perhaps lights will be triggered. Also an alert will be sent to either the local police or to an Auckland alarm monitoring service.

Security alarm devices

A security system is not limited to just burglar alarms. There are many other devices that can be installed.

For example, video surveillance cameras are widely used and recognised. But other security measures include:

  • Motion detectors
  • Window break sensors
  • Perimeter break alarms
  • Heat detectors
  • Infra-red cameras
  • And many more.

They provide different types of protection so that as the doors or windows are opened or broken, wire contacts are broken . These can trigger video recorders or send an alert signal to an alarm monitoring centre.

As with a burglar alarm, the motion sensors are put in use when you are not at home or in the office. Obviously if you are not at home, then there should not be any movement but if any motion is detected, the alarm will be set-off. Similarly, if any intruders attempt to break your window or door in your home, detectors will recognise any breakage of the glass and again, an alarm signal will be set off.

If you use the motion sensors alone, it will only provide a limited amount of protection because it is activated only after the robber has already entered the building. They can also cause false alarms due to it being activated by pets in the house.

Many motion sensors also have a panic setting. For example, this will let you set the alarm off if a robber enters your hou

A further security measure can be provided for people concerned about kidnapping. For example, if one of your kidnappers forces you to disarm the security system you can use a special pass code which, on the surface appears to disable the system but also sends a silent alarm to the police letting them know that there is a possible hostage crisis in your home.

Alarms make good deterrents

Even if a robber does decide to break into your building, all is not lost. If they did not see the alarm beforehand, then the siren and security lights will be set off by their unauthorised presence in your room. The sudden loud ringing of an alarm and bright flashing lights is usually more than enough of a deterrent to send most burglars rushing away before they have chance to steal or damage whatever they were targeting.

To make an alarm more effective, it should be monitored to ensure highest level of security. You will pay a small monthly fee for monitoring but this is well worth the expense since without monitoring, your alarm could easily be ignored. The best way to achieve this is to engage a Specialsit service which offers monitoring of security alarms in Auckland.

Which security alarms devices to choose?

Any of the devices described above will give you more protection than not having any installed. Each has its own advantages or disadvantages but a combination of these sensors and alarm should give you the highest level of protection to your premises.

However, with the increasing advances in technology, and the growing number of suppliers, it is very difficult for the average person to keep up-to-date and understand their own requirements. To save yourself hours of wasted time, and possibly over-paying for the wrong alarm devices, it will be a better approach to talk to a security service company such as Global Security in Auckland.

They have security advisers and installation teams operating around the Auckland area so they can recommend which devices will be best for your situation. They also have an alarm monitoring service running round the clock to give you total protection.

The comfort and protection of your family is the primary advantage of having a home security system while your business can be safeguarded from vandals and burglars. Security alarm systems help provide that security giving you peace and allowing you to enjoy family time while ensuring your business can run smoothly.


Security Systems for Commercial and Residential Use

Security Systems – Burglar Alarms for Commercial and Residential Use


Protection and security for your premises should not be considered an extravagance. It is a requirement for most residences as well as commercial establishments. The security system must be designed, executed and in place before planning and execution of a burglary.


The truth is that burglars break in when you anticipate them the least. This means you must be prepared for each and every one of their moves. The key to security systems is that they should act as a deterrent so if your property is well protected, the potential burglar would move to another target that is not as secure as yours.

So, how do you provide security and protection to your premises? There are very many types of protection systems to choose form, but the major types are:

  • Motion Detectors
  • Wireless security systems
  • Remote controlled key pads
  • CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Burglar alarms.


The installation of the different technologies depends on the manufacturers specifications and is beyond the scope of this article. However there are some general points which you can look at. Here are some of the major check points to be followed:


alarm monitoring Auckland
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Examine each door and window, especially those on the ground floor, to see which one need to have some sort of intruder alarm system. As a rule, choose the ones that are most vulnerable to intruders at night and that would be in the least visible spots.   Then look for security advisors or people with experience in this field. The local police or vendors of security systems are the best options. No doubt these people can give you good reference to good dealers of alarm systems.


Contact a few of the recommended security systems companies. You should ask each of them to visit your premises to review your situation so that they can tender a quotation. Some security gadgets work best if they are highly visible so they deter any potential intruder. Others work well if they are more covert and can either capture the burglar or capture video footage of them which can be used as evidence in court later. So this means that sometimes the exterior of your building will have rather ugly devices attached. But this is a small price to pay for the extra protection you will receive.


Monitoring of the area under surveillance shall be around the clock, 24 hrs a day. When an alarm is triggered, it then sends you a signal to either yourself or to the security company monitoring control room. The secret to a successful security system is the installation making sure that all zones are covered by the alarm devices. A zone is defined as a window or door. In most cases, especially for residential applications, what we see is that an eight zone basic level monitoring. This works to an extent but if this is increased to 32 zones on a single system, then the protection is vastly superior. The enlarged monitoring system can be laid out through the entire building to be protected.


You can also consider an integrated system that incorporates smoke alarms, the intruder system and security lighting controls too. By bringing all of these onto a single system, the alarm monitoring company can provide additional security to your property and can also manage any false alarms if they happen to go off.


Another good tip is to keep the key pads and the process for setting the alarms as simple as possible. You want to make it easy for all your staff or family members to operate the alarms without having to undergo extensive training. Keeping it simple will mean you are easily protected.


Fire alarm security system
Fire alarm monitoring

Before you sign up with any supplier ask them about the operational efficiency of the alarms in extreme weather conditions. For example, is the system affected by temperature in deep winter, when the temperature drops to the lowest in the year, or does excessive humidity like in the height of summer have any unwanted effect?


For keypad access you need a password or code but it is a good idea to have thus changed regularly, This is especially important if you have employees who leave. An alternative is to have swipe access cards so that when someone stops working for your company, their code can simply be removed from the approved access database. A battery backup is also necessary; the last thing you need is a sophisticated security system which stops working because of a battery running down.


If you follow these steps you will easily be able to protect your home or commercial building. For advice on security systems in Auckland, you can contact one of the leading service providers, Global Security.